Outsource DevOps: Its The Smart Move

Why outsource one of the most important component (operations) of your business when you can simply place a call to your HR department or your favourite recruitment agency and simply hire DevOps and SRE engineers and build and maintain your own infrastructure?.

To answer this question, let’s take a look at the top 3 concerns SaaS, web and eCommerce companies have about outsourcing DevOps work.

1. Cost

The first thing you probably said to yourself is “Surely, an outsourced DevOps team is more expensive than hiring in house.”. Now let’s look at the facts, you’d need to hire 2-3 engineers which at the current market rates in the UK is £50K/year not including employee benefits such as dental insurance, gym memberships and more.

Once you’ve gone down the long winded road of hiring them, it’ll take them a couple of months to understand your infrastructure and begin to manage it efficiently and if you’re building your infrastructure from scratch, it might take you an entire year.

Going by this, an outsourced solution is cheaper than the cost of two DevOps engineers in the first year and by the second year outsourcing cost will be less than the cost of hiring even one DevOps engineer.

2. Flexibility

It’s always been the norm that having an In-house DevOps team increases innovation but the reality is that In-house innovation means trial and error, which equates to costly mistakes.

You’ll build a platform, maintain it, grow it and constantly debug it – all the while trying to stay on top of the rapidly evolving technology and wishing your engineers were focused instead on your core business needs rather than firefighting.

3. Control

Companies believe they should build, manage and own their own infrastructure and they don’t want to use code they don’t own, so outsourcing isn’t an option.

With the proliferation of the Cloud and with so many “Platform-as-a-Service” offerings, companies will be better off investing in their development team to release features that keep them ahead of their competitors than trying to build their own Heroku or AWS.

Where We Come In

Many small and mid-sized SaaS, web and eCommerce companies are starting to recognize there’s little benefit and substantial risk to building and owning their own infrastructure and don’t want to hire and manage an expensive DevOps team.

When you outsource DevOps to AltoStack, you leverage our large-scale Cloud & DevOps expertise to migrate to the cloud, automate your infrastructure and take your SaaS and web apps to the next level without the cost and headache of managing an in-house team.

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